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February 11, 2009


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Beautiful art direction but about 1 minute too long. I get it after 15 seconds. It would be a tighter spot wrapped up in 30 seconds.

The print ad was nice but it's not really all that remarkable or memorable as a 'film'.

Also I'm also not sure what it's purpose is. Generally online films, in the marketing sense, are supposed to be something I'd get my friends to watch. But this is not something I'd pass along. And I'm definitely the target audience.

Andy Shortt

Thanks for the comments Brian. other opinions are always welcome. Here's a couple more I've received get from people in the "target audience" (nobody good uses that term anymore BTW) since we launched it yesterday:

"Who did this for you? It's lovely." competitive agency producer.

"Holy fuck! That was freaking awesome! Amazing spot!" Marketing Director.

"Kudos to Ontario College of Art & Design for the above ad" Media Bistro

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