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September 02, 2008


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Clap. Clap. Clap.

umm. Your strategy's showing.

I agree, not one agency in Canada has done anything significant but come on, patting yourself on the back before anyone has recognized this amazing work you're doing isn't very becoming.

Show a little more humility, let the rest of the world recognize how 'avant garde' work is instead of pondering why you're not being voted Agency of the Year.

Andy Shortt

Well Brian,

We're not saying right out that we should be it. We're saying at least we're trying to do something different. Which is more than anyone else has done this year.

So why not?


Ryan Fox

Meh, being AOY is nothing more than resume fodder anyway. So what if you're AOY? At what point was it decided that you're not worth the residue in a day-old sun-baked mostly-empty glass of Appleton's if Strategy decided in its infinite wisdom to pass over one agency or another when deciding who is worthy of the great and powerful OZ-like decree that is the hand-down-on-high title of AOY?

So you're AOY. Whoop de shit. I have a coffee mug that says "World's greatest lover." Line up, ladies.

The work speaks for itself, and if the work is deserving of accolades, then accolades will come. This practice of auditioning for awards that is so prevalent in the industry is really starting to work my last nerve. Far too many times have I watched the equivalent of someone's salary – the salary of a junior, or even several juniors, who desperately need to break into the industry and prove his or her mettle – pass through the agency in a river of press proofs and mounting boards, all in an all-too-often futile effort to win some hardware and a self-administered pat on the back.

It seems like all too many people are in this industry not to make killer creative, but to score a free trip to Cannes.

AOY is certainly a feather in the cap of any agency who wins it, and while it certainly will pique the interest of would-be clients, is is not, and never should be, the core criterion by which an agency is chosen, whether that distinction comes from Marketing, Strategy, or cleverly-worded mall kiosk coffee mugs.

I feel like I'm rambling, but since that's what random midnight posts are all about, I'm gunna fell good about this post without editing it and just call it a night :)



Andy Shortt

Funny enough, I took part today in the discussions about Marketing's Agency of the Year and I gotta' say that after three hours of the painful conversation, I'm beginning to agree with you.


ryan Fox

Well good :) That means that HQ's work probably comes from the heart and not the contract.

And because I know you and I know the work you guys are doing, I know I'm pretty much right ;)

I've always said this about awards, or recognition, or even salary...work hard, play hard, make kickass stuff, and if it deserves recognition, it'll come.

If it doesn't, it won't.

So make killer ads, not killer award submissions.

I'm getting sick to my ass of watching people who are apparently only willing or capable of doing one, the other, or neither.

Like I said...free trip to Cannes, baby.

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